Sub-lime Chicken with Confetti Ranch (Whole30 Friends & Family)

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This tasty recipe is from our friends at Whole30 and is featured in the Whole30 Friends and Family Cookbook by Melissa Hartwig-Urban! 

Remove plastic cover from container and set aside any garnishes.

This dish can be enjoyed cold or warm! If heating chicken, follow instructions below.

  • Oven: heat to 350 degrees. Bake for 15-20 minutes or until warm throughout.
  • Microwave: 2-3 minutes or until warm throughout.

Garnish and serve. 

Chicken breast, olive oil, lime, dill, salt, pepper, paprika, kale, mixed greens, confetti ranch: Whole30 approved mayo, red pepper, cilantro, parsley, chive and garlic Allergens: eggs
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  • Fat: 
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