About Us

Cooked was founded when we realized that, as parents of two young boys, we didn't have the time to cook the kind of nourishing, healthy meals we wanted to. 

Ordering in—even the "healthy" options—always left us feeling bloated and broke! Why couldn't we just order healthy, home-cooked food to our door? 

And thus, Cooked was born. We are proud to source locally and organic whenever possible, and Jona crafts in-season produce and healthy, happy meats into wholesome, nourishing meals that leave you feeling satiated and nourished, not bloated and blech. 

How It Works: 

• Peruse our weekly seasonal menu & make your selections
• Schedule your delivery day & time (by 10am for same-day delivery)
• Food arrives at your doorstep 
• Heat
• Eat! 

We have plentiful vegetarian, vegan, paleo, and kids' options, as well! 

Cooked is a great way to get—or give—a break from cooking. We pride ourselves on being affordable, while still being foodie-approved. 

Happy Eating!