Whole30 Tips and Tricks for Your Busy Summer

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By Judith Forman
Whole30 Certified Coach

It’s finally summer! All year long, we wait for these glorious days filled with sun, fun, warmth, and vacations.

This year, summer will look very different. Most long trips are being postponed or canceled, many summer camps are called off, and beaches and pools have strict guidelines around social distancing and capacity.

For the summer of 2020, staying local will be the name of the game.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t spend lots of time outside – in your yard, at a local park, or on a hiking trail – soaking up the best season of the year! Pack a picnic, grab your sunscreen, and make a day out of it.

Below, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite Whole30 ideas for al fresco dining and snacking! These are all portable, tasty, and will keep you well fueled for a fun day outdoors!

1. Grilled Salmon and Mango Almond Salad from Cooked: This combination of salmon, mango, almond, crispy cucumber, kale, spinach, and mixed greens topped with an orange dijon dressing will keep you well fueled and happy during your time outdoors. It’s so refreshing and so summery – perfect for hot days when you don’t feel like cooking! You can check it out here

2. Meat sticks/Dried meat: These are the ultimate portable protein option and luckily, several Whole30 Approved brands make meat-on-the-go! My favorites are the meat sticks from The New Primal, biltong (South African dried meat) from Ayoba Foods, and Chomps. You can throw several options in your bag. Pair with some nuts, salad, and fruit for lunch or grab one alone for a snack. Bonus: Many of these are kid-friendly and I have some discount codes to help you save a little! Use code “whole30facebook” when you order from www.thenewprimal.com to save 25%; code “W30FB15” when you order from www.ayobafoods.com to save 15%; and code “EVERYDAYWHOLE” when you order from www.chomps.com to save 15%. (Some of these are affiliate codes, which means I make a small commission from you order. Thank you!)

3. Frittata: Fellow Whole30 Certified Coach Kelly Warner is the queen of frittatas. I’ve featured some of her tried and true frittata recipes on my blog here. Make one of these earlier in the week for breakfast and bring leftover slices to your picnic as portable protein. Or grab a few orders of Organic Frittata with Kale and Bacon from Cooked! It’s delicious.

4. Cut-up veggies and dump ranch: There’s nothing easier than cutting up some raw vegetables and whipping up a Whole30 ranch to take on the go! Cucumbers, carrots, peppers, cauliflower – whatever you have on hand makes for great dipping. For dump ranch, I love the “OG” recipe from The Whole Sisters. It’s SO good and totally flexible depending on which herbs (fresh or dried) you have on hand.

5. Hard Boiled Eggs: I like to keep it simple in the summer and hardboiled eggs are the ultimate simple protein. Eat them whole or mash them up with avocado, guacamole, or Whole30 compliant mayonnaise to make egg salad. Or make deviled eggs – like these buffalo ones from Project Meal Plan. You can mix and match eggs with veggies and dump ranch, fresh fruit, nuts, meat sticks, or whatever you have on hand to make a more complete outdoor meal.

Looking for more picnic ideas? Check out this post I did for Whole30’s Whole Mamas Club blog for additional inspiration!

And if you’re craving something portable with a crunch, give these Tuna Tahini Pepper Paninis from Whole30 Certified Coach Stephanie Vanlochem of Cook by Color a try. They’re a fun take on a Whole30 “sandwich” and perfect for eating outside. Don’t have or like tuna? Use turkey, leftover steak, chicken, or whatever protein you have on hand.

Cheers to summer – and good eating outside!

Judith Forman is a Whole30 Certified Coach. For more Whole30 inspiration, connect with her on Instagram @jujuswhole30 or check out her blog at www.everydaywhole.com

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