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By Whole30 Certified Coach Judith Forman

I live for coffee. I go to bed at night dreaming about my first cup when I wake. And when my alarm goes off in the dark, cold morning, it’s coffee (and the joy I know I’ll feel from my daily movement) that gets me out of bed.

And especially in winter, hot coffee is everything! My perfect breakfast: Hot coffee, a frittata from Cooked (Be sure to try to the new Oyster Mushroom & Butternut Squash Frittata coming out later this month– it’s SO good!), avocado slices, and fruit. YUM!

Many people come to Whole30 giving up their beloved cream and sugar – and have questions on how to enjoy their favorite beverage while staying on track. Great news: There are a ton of ways to enjoy coffee while on Whole30!

Below, you’ll find some of my favorite Whole30 products for coffee. You can mix and match these as you please! Note: Some of these are links/codes are affiliate, which generate a small commission for me. Thanks for your support!

However you enjoy it, make sure you start off with a quality coffee in your cup. Life is too short for bad coffee!


One of the most popular Whole30 Approved products (and for good reason) is nutpods! This almond and coconut-based coffee creamer makes your coffee truly rich and creamy. nutpods come in a variety of flavors, including Pumpkin Spice, Cinnamon Swirl, and Peppermint Mocha. Remember, they are flavored and not sweet – so don’t expect a Starbucks-like coffee drink. But, they are delicious! You can find nutpods at local supermarkets nationwide, on Amazon, or online here. Code JUJUSWHOLE30 will save you 15% off your first order when you shop the nutpods website. Note: All flavors of nutpods are Whole30 Approved, except the oat varieties, which are great for your Food Freedom or for people who have nut allergies.

Collagen Protein

They’ve become all the rage in the past few years and for good reason. Collagen proteins are a flavorless and odorless way to add collagen – the most abundant protein in the human body – into your diet. Adding collagen to your diet can help with digestion and gut health, joint and bone health, sleep, hair, and more. It’s a total win. In my coffee, I like the collagen protein and MCT oil powder (another nutritional powerhouse!) from Whole30 Approved Bubs Naturals –they make the cup extra creamy! I also love the collagen protein from Whole30 Approved Bare Bones – Code JUJUSWHOLE30 will get you 15% off your order!

Almond/Cashew Milk

Almond and cashew milk are also great additions to your Whole30 coffee. You can buy pre-made options – New Barn Organics has a great Whole30 Approved almond milk, for example. You can also make your own. Here’s an easy recipe for cashew milk or you can grab some Whole30 Approved JOI – an easy-to-use almond or cashew plant base that’s perfect for making your own nut milk. Code EVERYDAYWHOLE will save you 10% off your order of JOI, which stands for Just One Ingredient.

Coconut Milk

Want to keep things simple in your coffee? Coconut milk is a great choice, and I love the canned variety from Thai Kitchen. Find it in the Asian food aisle of your local supermarket or on Amazon. The best part about cracking open a can of coconut milk is the leftovers. Use some of it for your coffee and turn the rest into delicious dump ranch to add to your meals! If you can’t find Thai Kitchen, I also recommend the coconut milk from Trader Joe’s or Thrive Market.

 Coconut Oil 

Another great addition to coffee (and your Whole30 pantry!) is coconut oil. It’s a great way to add some healthy fat and flavor to your java – and it also comes in handy with your cooking. It also makes for a great facial moisturizer! You can grab coconut oil at any major supermarket, on Thrive Market, or Amazon. 


If you’re struggling with an added fat on your plate, consider adding delicious ghee to your coffee. The punch of fat makes your coffee more filling and keeps you satisfied between meals. I love Fourth & Heart Himalayan Pink Salt ghee, which you can find at various grocery stores, on Amazon, or here – use code WELCOME15 for 15% off if you order directly from the Fourth & Heart site.

Looking for some other fun Whole30 coffee ideas? Check out these links below:

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Judith Forman is a Whole30 Certified Coach. For more Whole30 inspiration, connect with her on Instagram @jujuswhole30 or check out her blog at www.everydaywhole.com

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