While We Make Dinner, You Can Cook Up Some Wine In Your Instant Pot (Really!).

Posted by Erin Silva Winston on

Everyone seems to be crazy about the Instant Pot.  It's small, fast, convenient and you can make just about anything in it at rocket speed-- yogurt, rice, stews, slow cook, pressure cook, and more. 

But recently, perhaps because Spring has sprung and stews sound heavy (or perhaps they realized they could get much better meals from us at Cooked!) folks have started to dream big with their instant pot.  Has anyone seen this hilarious meme circulating social media?  As soon as it started to circulate, recipe developers raced to the task. 

Well, ladies and gentlemen, word has it that it's here, food blogger and recipe developer David Murphy of FoodNService thought this was too funny not to act on and he has shared his successful recipe on his blog. How hilarious is that?  We love it! 

If you are interested in the process, check out his blog.  Murphy explains in detail how a bit of grape juice, sugar, and yeast can be tossed into the Instant Pot and magically comes out as remarkably decent wine a short 10 days later.  How good is it?  You'll have to give it a try yourself to find out!  

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