Think You Can't Avoid The Flu This Year? Try These Tricks.

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We all have heard-- or we know first hand-- that the 2018 flu season isn't to be taken lightly.  But that doesn't mean that there's no chance in avoiding it.  Here are 8 tips for the season to keep you as healthy and happy as possible! 

1. Get the flu shot. 

Yes, we've all heard the statistics: 30% effective doesn't really sound that great sometimes!  But health care workers agree, though it's not a perfect remedy, the flu shot is still the best line of defense against this vicious flu. 

2. Wash your hands and be a clean freak! 

Washing hands is the single most effective way of avoiding getting sick.  Changing hand washing habits can be hard, but it's worth it!  So wash! 

3. Avoid places people go when they get sick, if possible. 

Walgreens, emergency rooms, hospitals, doctor's offices. These are the places that are packed with people who have the flu these days.  Can you avoid going?  If so, stay home. 

4. Work out? Wipe down that machine!  Grocery shopping?  Wipe the cart off. Got a smart phone? Wipe that down too. 

People are still contagious even when they feel good enough to head to the gym or the store.  Be on the safe side and start wiping things off. Have a smart phone?  Imagine all the other things you have touched (elevator buttons, shopping carts, pens at the bank, you get the idea!) before putting it up to your face. 

5. Eat enough protein. Make room for those fruits and veggies. 

Low protein diets deplete the immune system.  Have some extra eggs for breakfast, and skip the muffin during this season. 

6. Saline solution is your friend. 

Rinsing your nose can help wash out viruses and keep your nose secretions defending your body.  Invest in a little saline spray and get in the habit of keeping your nose healthy. 

7. Load up on zinc. 

Zinc can help you have milder and shorter flu or cold experiences.  Feeling sick?  Load up on zinc right away.  

8. Get enough sleep!


Getting enough sleep can help you boost your immune system and being deprived of sleep weakens your body.  Enough said!



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