We're Planting an Herb Garden At Cooked: These are Some of the Health Benefits You Can Expect!

Posted by Erin Silva Winston on


Warding off colds is a worthy cause in and of itself, and the delicious smells and tastes of fresh herbs also stands alone as a reason to use these great herbs.  We use them for both reasons and this month we will be busy planting our own fresh herb garden at Cooked!  

Some of the herbs we include in our garden and our meals... 


Fights fatigue, aids digestion, great source of vitamins and beta-carotene, strengthens joints. 


Improves inflammation, detoxifies, aids memory, improves mood, and also makes your skin look even more beautiful that it already does!


There's a reason it's called "sage"!  Helps support the brain, improves digestion, lowers risk of heart disease. 




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