The Anti-Diet: How To Replace a Sure-To Fail-Dieters Mindset with Positive Long Term Behavior.

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What's wrong with dieting?

Studies show that despite some short term gains with diet plans such at the Atkins Diet, Weight Watchers, South Beach and more, over 90% of diets fail.  The reason diets fail is because they are based on exhausting and unattainable goals: giving up entire food groups, trying to maintain work and positivity in the face of hunger, exercising when exhausted from under-eating.  

Ok-- well, what should I do instead? I want to eat well but I am consumed by unhealthy cravings! 

We believe that the one way to use a diet is to reset in order to eliminate bad habits and food cravings.  Reset diets that we believe work to such end are the Whole30 plan and occasional juice cleanses.  These 1 to 30 day reset diets allow you to break fee of negative habits before establishing a healthy, complete diet free of excessive restrictions.  Such reset can also help people who do have restrictions for a variety of health reasons-- such as low carb, gluten free, low calorie, or low fat-- by resetting the body and making goals more attainable. 

What can I expect if I complete a reset diet and then continue to eat healthy complete meals, such as those prepared by Cooked?

1. Focus on Health and Wellness, not Weight and Restrictions- feeling the need to obsess and focus on weight and self denial is not healthy for your body or your mind.  At a certain point you will probably give up, and along the way you will feel miserable!  By focusing instead of eating the right foods in the right proportions you can regain you life and your health.

2. Reduce Your Stress- With all the worries of today's world, stressing about what you eat should simply not be added to the list.  With this long term mindset, you can increase your metabolism, eat well, and enjoy your meal time once again. 

3. Have Long Term Results- The up's and down's of dieting get old.  This anti-diet approach to health and well-being will stick by your side through thick and thin!  



The Anti-Diet Approach to Weight Loss and Weight Control, Scott Abel. 

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