Sobremesa: A Spanish Tradition We Should All Adopt

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A recent article in the BBC got us thinking about our work at Cooked and the purpose of healthy meal delivery.  Of course, one of our missions is to make health accessible to busy, active people.  What our customers do with the time they gain by ordering our meals is your guess and ours, but on the list of possibilities is: spend time with kids, get errands done, put in a bit more time in at work, throw the laundry in, balance the check book, go to the gym. 

Well, with that ever growing list of to-do's here's another idea of what to do at least on occasion, it's a uniquely Spanish passtime: it's called sobremesa.  Yes, we all know that Spanish food is delicious, some of our favorites include tapas, paella, and sangria.  But don't be too surprised to hear that for Spaniards, that's not the only purpose of lunch-- according to the BBC:

the social aspect of (a meal) matters even more. Lunch, for example, doesn’t end when people can’t eat another bite. That’s when the sobremesa starts. There is no equivalent word in English, though the concept is simple: sobremesa is the time you spend at the table after you’ve finished eating. Usually, there’s laughter involved, and almost always the kind of easy, convivial conversation that only the pleasures of a big meal can inspire.

Here is our thinking: tonight when dinner ends, don't rush to clean up, to get more work done, to peruse the internet, or plan for tomorrow.  You have some extra time on your hands, because we cooked, shopped, and cleaned up for you.  So instead, try to enjoy a sobremesa-- even a short one.  Catch up with friends and loved ones, and take a minute to enjoy this wonderful time of day. 

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