Move Over PB&J: 5 Lunch Ideas For Picky Young Eaters.

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Rice and Tuna Salad Rolls-

Sushi conneseurs: does this sound weird?  A former skeptic myself, I must say, this is a delicious lunch that allows you to skip the raw fish sitting out for hours in a cubby by substituting canned tuna.  Kids love it as it's fun and not messy to eat.  Kids won't do the tuna?  Stick with avocado, cucumbers, or egg instead. Roll it into an easy ball and tuck it into a lunchbox. 

Fancy Bagels with Fancy Sides

Using only half a bagel and cream cheese, increase your kids colorful foods by making side shine in this lunch.  Add fruit, veggies galore while sticking with a safe staple that kids won't shy away from.  Kids feeling adventuresome?  Try putting slices of turkey, avocado, and lettuce in the bagel for a fancier half sandwich.

Don't Forget the Thermos

Sometimes kids want a hot lunch.  Thermos' are such a great and simple way to add variety to a child's school lunches.  Need ideas?  Our kids love turkey chili, chicken and rice soup, left over quinoa and vegetables, pasta with broccoli and peas, and more!

Dissembled Sandwich

If your kid is bummed by having a sandwich each day, take it apart!  Put pickles, turkey or salami slices, a good cheese, beans, olives, cherry tomatoes and other savory treats in a lunchable formation-- it's fun to eat and delicious!

For the Truly Picky Kids: Healthy Snacks. 

Can't get your kids to delve in?  Some truly picky eaters are best fed by a big box of snacks.  Ideas: cucumbers, strawberries, hard boiled eggs, healthy (homemade) muffins, fruit kebabs, cheese, humus-- well, you get the idea. 

Want a easier option?  Stick on of our kids entrees in your Planetbox or other reusable lunchbox and add your kids favorite sides!  Our kids love the Beef Tamales best!

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