Princess Awesome Diet: Like We Needed Another Reason to Swoon Over Meghan Markle.

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We've all gone ga-ga over the newest addition to England's Royal family: "Ah, the new love-- and nuanced dresses!" You say.  Our reply: forget all that, her diet is so cool!  No really.What's included?  Markle is vegan Monday-Friday.  Weekends, anything goes. 

Plant based diets have gained traction in recent years, however while the idea of forgoing meat, dairy, eggs, and milk Monday-Friday might seem daunting at first rest assured indulgences abound: dinner can be cajun rice with okra and stewed tomatoes. Not in the mood for rice? How about black-eyed pea chili with carrots and some vegan corn bread.  Amazing, right?  And as if the healthy dinner options weren't enough there are substitutes to make any dairy-loving-junk-food-craving-carnivore happy... vegan ice cream, vegan waffles, veggie chic'n tenders, and even-- vegan mac and cheese. 

As for the weekends, for Markle, anything goes.  What that means to her is your guess as good as ours-- perhaps some whipped cream and crumpets?  Sounds like a good indulgence to us!  Keeping treats for the weekends and the bulk of your meals healthy is a great way to keep your body and mind healthy! Love it!



This story was originally published in Southern Living. 

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