In Season: 5 New, Must-Try Dishes on Cooked's Summer Menu

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You may have noticed a steady unveiling of some new dishes over the past couple of weeks. We've recently revamped our menu to give our customers a few fresh menu options. We know eating the same foods over and over can get boring and mundane, so we’ve tried to mix it up with some new summer eats. Here are a couple of dishes we’ve released, and some others that are yet to come! Keep an eye out for them on the menu and in your inbox...we often try to feature the new dishes in our emails as a heads up for the week. 

 Prepared Meal Delivery, Mediterranean Cod

Mediterranean Cod

This colorful and aesthetically pleasing dish may have popped out to you on our menu as a newbie. And good news, it tastes as good as it looks! One bite of our Mediterranean Cod and you’re immediately transported to a small island off the coast of Spain. This dish is authentically Mediterranean, featuring light and flaky cod served on a bed of roasted cauliflower, vine ripe tomatoes, fennel, artichokes, black olives, kale, onions, orange zest and basil. Jona’s inspiration for this item stemmed out of his time spent traveling around Portugal, Morocco, and Spain, where he was surrounded by crystal clear waters and the unique flavors present in this dish. It’s clean and bright ingredients are reminiscent of the region’s traditional diet.


Prepared Meal Delivery, Lime Chicken Seared a la Plancha

Lime Seared Chicken a la Plancha

This dish has been featured a few times over the past couple of weeks and we’ve gotten some great feedback thus far. Perfect for dinner after a busy day at work or maybe as a quick lunch break bite, our Lime Chicken’s unique taste stems from the cooking process on the Plancha. Jona was first introduced to this method of cooking while dining at a restaurant in Northeastern Portugal, right near the Spanish border. It was here that he claims to have eaten one of the best meals of his life. “I had a taxi driver drop me off at a small, nondescript door next to a church. Two older ladies greeted me with warm smiles and delicious food. No frills, just authentic flavor,” Jona remarked in fond remembrance. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, Plancha is Spanish for griddle, the cooking surface responsible for giving this dish it’s juicy and rich flavor. We top this meal off with a side of sugar pea pods tossed with fresh mint, roasted plantains, and a spicy cumin aioli.


Prepared Meal Delivery, Slow Roasted BBQ Pulled Pork

Whole30 Slow BBQ Pulled Pork

This isn’t your average pulled pork dish! Although this is a Whole30 approved meal, there is no sacrificing flavor for health benefits. Our unique Whole30, housemade BBQ sauce consists of a few key secret ingredients. Sugar-free applesauce, dates, and apple cider vinegar all make the list. This surprising twist on a classic American dish has made this meal super popular thus far. My personal favorite part is the delicious side of roasted red potatoes. They taste even better when they’re used to soak up some of the juicy BBQ sauce. Major yumminess. I’m not usually a huge fan of coleslaw, but ours seems to hit just right as the perfect cold addition to an overall warm dish.


Prepared Meal Delivery, Tamales from Across the Street

Tamales from Across the Street

Our tamales across the street are sourced, quite literally, from a shop across from our headquarters: Restaurante y Tamaleria La Bendicion. However, they taste as if they’ve come straight from a tamale shop out of the heart of Mexico City. Shoutout to our lovely neighbors for a job well done. Our tamales are available in either chicken (Red Guajillo sauce and shredded chicken breast) or vegetarian (aged mexican cheese and Jalapeno peppers). We serve a kale and golden beet salad with chimichurri dressing for some additional fiber and nutrients. And let me tell you, golden beets ARE factually more delicious than regular ones (or maybe that’s just my opinion). We’ve got these bad boys available every week, so you don’t have to worry about them disappearing on you anytime soon! We didn’t forget about the little ones on this dish; our tamales come in a kids version as well.


Prepared Meal Delivery, Salmon Buddha Bowl

Salmon Buddha Bowl

Another constant dish on the menu, our brand new Salmon Buddha Bowl, is a Pescatarian’s dream. Our Salmon Buddha Bowl is essentially our version of a poke bowl, minus the fattening, non-Whole30 approved rice. Instead, we mix in a medley of fresh fruits and veggies, including cucumber, red cabbage, ginger, mango and mixed greens. Our salmon is sourced directly from the Faroe Islands, an island chain located in the North Atlantic and home to some of the highest quality, sustainably sourced Atlantic Salmon. This dish leaves your body AND conscience at peace! A win all around. 

We’ve got plenty of new dishes to try for the season. Be sure to give them a taste before we launch our next rotation of meals!

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