Getting out of Town? Here are 4 of Our Favorite Healthy Vacation Destinations

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If healthy living, balance, and well-being are your goals there are now ample places to vacation that will help you on your quest.  From family-friendly ranches, to spas, to detox-from wifi and coffee get-away's, and nature retreats, reaching wellness goals can now be as easy as just getting away. 

1. Rancho La Puerta-

Set at the base of Mt. Kuchumaa in Baja California this fitness and spa retreat encourages integrative health for women and men of all ages. Rancho offers fitness classes, organic cuisine, and a good dose of relaxation as well.  Rancho also offers hiking trails, swimming pools, and an in house organic farm.


2. Mountain Trek

The slogan of Mountain Trek-set in the beautiful British Columbia is "find vitality."  What a great goal for a trip away!  Their goals include improving sleep, increasing strength, quickening metabolism in what they claim in a "bootcamp-style" program.  For sure this stay isn't all sweat and work, though, and is as much about detoxification and relaxation as it is about fitness.

3.Kripalu Center of Health and Yoga-

Kripalu claims to be the largest yoga retreat in North America and offers a variety of workshops from yoga to kayaking.  For budget conscious folks, they offer both solo rooms and shared dorm-style rooms.  It is also possible to visit the center on a day-pass.


4. The Ranch at Rock Creek- 

Heading out of town with the kids?  Let the kids take off on horseback while you enjoy the cowboy/cowgirl dreams of your own!  In addition the Ranch offers spa services, yoga, meditation, and natural movement services, and more. 



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