Food Standards: Everything You Want To Know About Cooked's Ingredients.

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At Cooked we understand that our meals fit into your larger healthy lifestyle: whether our meals are meant to replace unhealthy go-to options or to complement other evenings of healthy cooking at home, we know that you chose Cooked because quality counts.  Many customers have the same questions about our ingredients, so here is the information you want!

Fresh and Seasonal Produce
We opt for fresh, seasonal produce that is local and/or organic whenever possible. 

No Antibiotics
We source poultry and pork that has been raised without antibiotics

Artisanal Products
We showcase local artisanal products including a rotation of craft drinks and snacks from the city of Chicago.

No Hormones
Our beef is raised without added hormones. 

Quality Oils, Sweeteners yes! Preservatives and chemicals, no. 
We love extra virgin olive oil!  We avoid poor quality oils. We minimize added sweeteners in all of our meals (but we include them in our deserts!). 

We source excellent quality sustainable fish
Salmon is present on our menu nearly every week.  Our salmon is sourced from quality farms in the Faroe Islands.  Want to learn more about it?  Click here

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