Food History: 3 foods you thought were American that originated in Africa... plus 3 foods that are North American.

Posted by Erin Silva Winston on

Many of us assume some quintessential regional foods come from areas of the United States, when in fact many of them have histories that we never know about.  For example, many foods we might think of as being native to the southern United States were brought over by the Atlantic Slave trade.  Some of the foods that originated and flourished in Africa before being brought to the United States?  Okra, Watermelon, Coffee, and Black Eyed Peas are on the list!  While these delicious foods are featured in many of our favorite dishes, we are fascinated to know their origins. 

Wondering what ingredients are truly native to North America?  As local and seasonal foods have become increasingly popular, eating native plants and foods has proven to have a reduced carbon footprint and are easier on the earth we live on.  Some of our favorites are cranberries, wild rice, ramps, fiddlehead fern, and bison. 


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