Earth Day: How Cooked Works to Remain a Sustainable Company

Posted by Haley DeWilde on

We have spent a lot of time putting together the most convenient and sustainable option for our meal delivery packaging. Did you know that all of our packaging is either reusable, recyclable, or compostable? That's right!

Our meals are served in oven-safe plant fiber boxes that are recyclable-- that means boxes and all food scraps can be composted and turned back into quality dirt in 90 days! All plastic containers, lids, and sauce containers are curbside recyclable. Just remember to wash them out after you enjoy your meals and viola, they are ready to be recycled.

For our FedEx shipping friends, the large cardboard box the meals are delivered in and the ice packs are recyclable. You are welcome to reuse the ice packs but if you don't need them, you can cut a small hole in them once they are melted, drain them, wash them off and you can recycle the plastic exterior. Please dry them off a bit before recycling! 

For our Chicago local delivery friends, we deliver meals in reusable insulated bags with reusable ice packs. You are welcome to keep them if you need them, but if you do not, we ask that you leave bags and ice packs out when we deliver next. We'll pick them up and give you a $2 credit for your next order. We are able to reuse many of our bags and are thankful for your returns! You don't clutter your kitchen with packaging this way-- and we love going a little greener with each time we can reuse them.

*NOTE* Due to Coronavirus we are not currently picking up bags for credit in order to minimize exposure to our drivers. Don't worry, we will resume this program once deemed safe! 

We have worked hard to ensure that we are doing our part in being environmentally conscious while still keeping your meals cool and safe during their journey to your doorstep. Even little steps can make a big difference!

Happy Earth Day, friends!

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