Don't Miss These Short-Season Spring Veggies!

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Welcome, Spring!  This is one of the seasons when we can truly eat both seasonally and locally throughout the East Coast and the Midwest, and the colors that "spring" forth at the farmers market are enough to bring happiness to our hearts.  Many items can be found only for a short while during these early spring weeks and we have listed out some of our very favorite items that we will make sure not to miss-- and that you should try too!

1. Ramps-Light, garlic-y wild onions these little gems are not grown commercially, but actually need to be found wild in forests!  Add a little mystery and imagination to your meal by imagining where they were found and by whom!

2. Sorrel- Throw  a handful of these light and peppery greens in your salad for a meal with a bit of extra flair and character-- they do not disappoint!

3. Fiddlehead Ferns- Grassy and Umami flavored these cute little curly ferns can be found only a few weeks out of the year.  The taste has been likened to asparagus.  Try them steamed with a little browned butter... yum!

4. Artichokes- Dipped in butter, balsamic vinegar, and devoured, it's undeniable that these vegetables are one-of-a kind.  They are easy to cook and disappear lickety split!

5. Morel Mushrooms- Sauteed them as a side, or add them to a decadent pasta dish.  These funny wrinkly things add character and depth to any meal.

Enjoy this beautiful season! 

-- Erin Silva Winston & The Cooked Team

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