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If you’re a fan of Cooked, then you know we work hard to ensure our meals are created with only the best ingredients. We have always made an effort to be transparent about our sourcing. We tell you that our produce is always unsprayed, organic, and sourced from local farms. Our pork and poultry are raised with no antibiotics, our beef is raised with no antibiotics or growth hormones, and our salmon is raised sustainably in farms on the Faroe Islands. Along with this, our meals are always MSG and nitrate free. 

But we recently decided that just telling you these facts isn’t enough. We want to provide you the stories behind all of the amazing producers, farmers, and vendors that we have the pleasure of working with. From this idea we came up with our produce spotlight. This would have never been possible without the help from our recent partner, FoodChain. FoodChain was created to help combat issues like food waste, food insecurity, and food miles. They are dedicated to providing companies like ours with a more transparent, equitable, and efficient way to buy and sell local food. *Think Facebook marketplace but instead of selling couches and bikes, FoodChain is connecting us (and companies like ours) to delicious local produce.* We are grateful to work with FoodChain and so excited to tell you about our recent produce spotlights!

  1. Red Stone Rice LLC was founded by Michael Schläppi, a professor of biology at Marquette University. His research identified a high-yielding Southern Russian rice variety that could withstand the colder weather in Wisconsin. Red Stone Rice is Wisconsin’s first and only rice farm! Their rice is cultivated using sustainable organic practices without any input of agrochemicals by flooding the paddies with water from a nutrient rich pond. Red Stone Rice is thus locally sourced: grown, harvested, and packaged 20 minutes away from downtown Milwaukee!
  2. Y&G Produce, located in Dane County, Wisconsin. The owners are Hmong, who have unique farming practices that are significantly better for our planet than other farming methods (which we love!). Hmong farmers generally lack access to the institutional financial support other farmers have and have been placed at various disadvantages due to this, such as paying up to 3x for their farmland. FoodChain recognizes that they are a crucial part of the Wisconsin agricultural community. 
  3. Winterfell Acres, located in Brooklyn, WI. We received grape and cherry tomatoes, basil, cilantro, plum/paste tomatoes, and butternut squash from them. Winterfell acres is a woman and mother-led CSA farm dedicated to growing nutrient-dense and organic produce. They use sustainable farming practices such as composting, cover crops, living aisles, mulching, low-tillage bed prep methods and a good, 6+ year crop rotation.

We know now more than ever, people are conscious of what they put into their bodies. And rightfully so. It’s so important to know where our food comes from. We are also grateful to work with companies that are conscious about making choices that are beneficial long-term to the environment. Here's to making good choices together!

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