Cooked Stands for Racial and Social Justice

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 Since we started in 2014, Cooked has always taken an active role in building a better world for all. How?

  • By removing hiring barriers for traditionally marginalized workers
  • By prioritizing equitable access to wealth and wage building through benefits & compensation
  • By intentionally prioritizing diversity amongst our workforce
  • By investing our resources in the communities we serve

But now more than ever, Cooked is on a mission that’s never felt more important. Earlier this year, we were acquired by the Dohmen Company Foundation. Dohmen’s goal is to revitalize the health of our communities and the people within them using the power of food.

That means Cooked and all of our sister companies at Dohmen are committed to eradicating the inequity within our society that withholds fair access to health & wellbeing and keeps our country from truly thriving. We won’t rest until we’ve closed the 15-year life expectancy gap between the poorest and wealthiest Americans.

We know that by ensuring all people, regardless of skin color or economic status, have access to nutritious, healthful food, we can take one step closer to eliminating the racism that causes disease to disproportionately plague our communities of color.

So when you support Cooked you don’t make a bunch of shareholders richer, you make things happen. Things like the neighborhood meal program we implemented in response to escalating food insecurity post-COVID. To date, our program has delivered more than 10,000 free meals to families in need.

Actions matter. Stay strong, stand up for what you believe and vote with your fork.

With love and solidarity, your friends at Cooked.

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