Boredom Busters For Active Kids on Cold Days

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It's no secret that Winter 2018 is freezing.  When stuck inside, it can be hard to even work up energy to get active, but it's important for kids and adults alike!  For children, not only are you teaching them healthy habits to maintain for life, but you are also helping them develop strong cardiovascular, muscular, and skeletal systems.  Furthermore, active kids are less likely to struggle with ADHD or depression and tend to struggle less in school. But what to do with grumpy or wild kids?  Here are 5 of our favorite games to get you and your family moving inside your apartment or house-- no special equipment or expensive outings needed!

1. Balloon's Up! (Preschool-3rd Grade)

Younger kids need nearly no direction when given a room filled with balloons-- they go wild!  For older kids, suggest a modified game of Hot Potato to see how long they can keep the balloons off the ground!

2. Scavenger Hunts (Toddler-6th Grade)

Find objects to hide in the house-- you can make an old fashioned scavenger hunt list and hide objects, or make a game of finding one thing (library books, puzzles, etc).  When the children find the piece have them run back to "base" to put them in a pile. 

3. Pop Up Book Time! (Toddler-3rd Grade)

You know those great repetitive books-- use them to your advantage! Each time you say, for example, Green Eggs and Ham, have kids jump up high and reach for the ceiling. 

4. Freeze Dancing (Toddler-3rd Grade)

The rules are fairly simple: when the music is on, everyone dances.  Loud music and silly dancing will get the party rolling!  When the music stops, everyone freezes.  Adults should vary the length of time the music plays to keep it interesting.

5. Create an Obstacle Course (Toddler-Adult!)

Encourage kids to it with what you have: the obstacle course if fun, but creating it is even better!  Suggest that kids go under the table, over the cushion, through the masking tape maze, around the corner, onto the bed (jump three times!)... you get the idea. 


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