An Interview with NY Giants Julian Love: Football, Community Giveback, & More!

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Recently the Cooked team had the pleasure of meeting with the New York Giants cornerback and safety, Julian Love. Although playing with the Giants, Julian was born and raised in the Chicagoland area and still has deep roots within the Chicago community. He is living in Chicago during his off season and this summer decided to host his first ever football camp for kids. We had the honor of donating some of our Cooked kids meals for the event! Julian came by our HQ to talk football, his plans for giving back to the Chicago community, and the details of his first camp! 

What motivated you to host the camp?

Julian tells us that he went to 100’s of camps growing up, his parents wanted him to get involved and sports camps were a great way to do so. He always pictured himself eventually hosting one and now that he has the time to coordinate and execute one, he’s so excited! 

What are your plans for giving back in the future?

While this may be Julian’s first camp, he has big plans for giveback in the future. He tells us that he would love to start his own foundation, and tie both the camps and his service into it. He hopes that these camps are the launchpad to future engagement. He says he’d love to take charge of leading a local group that does things around the city, and is super interested in working with other players from the area as well. 

Tell us a little bit about the camp itself. 

The camp is hosted at Julian’s old high school, Nazareth Academy and is for kids aged 9-14. Julian tells us that kids attending the camp will be trying all positions, as it’s important to try everything while you’re young. They’ll be running drills but also doing fun games and races, with the chance to win some prizes. What we loved learning about most was that helping coach the camp are tons of people that Julian grew up with. Little league coaches, trainers, high school coaches, high school and college friends are all coming out. Everyone is eager and excited to help out! He hopes that coming back to his high school and having the kids see him and where he’s at now can help serve as an inspiration. 

We had so much fun talking with Julian and are honored that we could donate some Cooked kids meals for his camp. We hope next time we see him it’s as a Bear though! Ps, for those wondering, he’s a Sox fan!

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