A Coach's September Whole30 Journal: Part 2

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By Judith Forman

Whole30 Advanced Level Certified Coach

I’m back – with a recap of Part II of my September Whole30!

As a reminder, I began my round on September 6. Like so many others, I decided that September would be the perfect time for me to hit the reset button on my eating.

I chronicled the first part of my September Whole30 on the Cooked blog last month; you can find it here. Read on for thoughts on the second half of my round.

Day #16 - 9/21/21 -- Today I had one of my favorite breakfasts - tuna salad. For this batch, I grated in some hard-boiled egg - so delicious and it added an extra boost of protein. I also used Tessemae's Whole30 Approved mayo, The New Primal Medium Buffalo, and a splash of apple cider vinegar. I served it with leftover roasted potatoes and green beans and some cashews. I am off from work today so before I run out on some errands, I am going to get in a home workout (barre and strength) and roast some apples and pears with cinnamon and avocado oil. I love roasted fruit and since tomorrow is the first day of fall, I decided to get in the spirit! Tonight, there's an outdoor potluck/open house at my daughter's school. I am going to bring my own dinner in a glass container and have it there - no one will notice what I’m eating and I will be able to stay on track. I can't believe I am more than halfway done with this round - Plugging along and still feeling strong! I am loving all the support and camaraderie in my Whole30 Facebook group!

Day #18 - 9/23/21 – As always, I woke up super excited for my coffee and nutpods. Today I had a big writing assignment to knock out but I felt very focused. I got in 45 minutes of strength and barre workouts first, put veggies in to roast while I worked, and sat down to do it. I tend to be very focused and disciplined around work but I find on Whole30 that I am even more clear minded and able to really attack the task at hand. For lunch, I had roasted veggies with a Tribali Foods meat patty for lunch and it was so good - truly the flavors of fall. I roasted some pear with sweet potato (using avocado oil and cinnamon) and it added so much depth to my plate. I had a few cravings yesterday as I unpacked some of the cookies I bought my daughter (got a whiff of Oreos!) but it quickly passed. I remain focused as I head into the final stretch of the round!

Day #19 - 9/24/21 – I am still feeling very focused with work – I have lots on my plate but I am calm and tackling things one at a time. I am getting my CSA today and am excited for some fresh veggies to work with this weekend. Mapping out some things to make - thinking about Whole Kitchen Sink’s air fryer pork meatballs and Metemgee’s spaghetti squash "mac and cheese." Bought some heavier weights (8 and 12 lbs) than I've used in a while and worked with them during my Peleton strength workout this morning. Lots of NSVs today! Onward....

Day #21 - 9/26/21 - Aside from my fall allergies, I am still feeling good. Yesterday, I went for a run while my daughter was in Hebrew School and ended up running with two other moms for part of the time. Of course, then I made them drop down for some push-ups and planks!!! It was nice to have company in something I usually do alone. I meal prepped a little yesterday because I was very low on food. I made the pork meatballs, kale chips, delicata squash, shrimp in ghee, and some roasted eggplant with Botticelli Foods sauce. I have a Cooked order shipping tomorrow - YAY! I am taking a trip to Trader Joe's this morning after my coffee and workout for a big stock up. I plan to keep things simple yet again - as ALWAYS!  I definitely have had some cravings over the past few days – some chocolate or a cookie has sounded really good but I am keeping on! I don't have that "I am sick of food" feeling that I've gotten around Day 20/21 in the past so that's a win. I did a super sweaty workout today with my new heavier weights and felt really strong! Woo hoo!!

Day #24 - 9/29/21 - I had the day off from work and have been laser focused on my giant to-do list, which included a run, a hair appointment, some errands, cleaning, reorganizing, and yes, some work! But I don't mind it all - getting it done and still feeling great. I am starting to think about how/when I am going to close out this round. The end of it bumps up to a colonoscopy I have next week so my diet will be limited during the colonoscopy prep but I plan to make it through the 30 days. Not sure what and how I am going to tackle reintroduction. I want to start with oats as soon as I can - I am missing my oat nutpods and oatmeal. Today, my Cooked meals arrived and I am excited to have one for dinner. I am going to roast some more delicata squash with cinnamon (I'm obsessed!) to enjoy on the side. YUM!

Day #25 - 9/30/21 - I had some great "split" Cooked meals today - I split my Cooked fritatta for breakfast and served it with tons of veggies and some smoked salmon I had in the fridge. For lunch, I enjoyed the egg roll in a bowl and for dinner, I had part of the buffalo shrimp dish with some leftover salmon I had to use up. Cooked for the win today!! I put in another order to ship on October 7! It’s hard to believe I am in the final stretch. I am still feeling good - less bloated, clear-minded, and I do love seeing those cheekbones. I wish I was sleeping more/better but that is always a work in progress for me. 

Day #27 - 10/2/21 - This weekend, I got a little more SLEEP, which is always nice and much needed. Today I had a great run while my daughter was at Hebrew School and then I ran to Whole Foods to pick up some supplies for the next few days. I am starting a "low-residue" diet tomorrow in advance of a colonoscopy I am having on Friday. It's going to be tough to do this while on Whole30 - you basically can't have any veggies and they encourage you to eat things like English muffins and cereal, which are a no-no on Whole30. But I will make do. Tonight, my daughter and I grilled some homemade burgers for the first time using a grill we inherited from a neighbor who moved away. It was fun and easy - a good reminder that grilling can make for simple meal prep. My meals over the next few days are going to be super basic and may not fit the meal template exactly but as long as I finish this up eating only Whole30 foods, I will be happy. I am SO close!!

Day #29 - 10/4/21 - I am making do with my low-residue diet as I wrap up my Whole30. I made some mashed potatoes with ghee and made frozen green beans, which are one of the few veggies allowed during the colonoscopy prep. I also made some scallops, ground beef, and cooked up some pumpkin. Not the most exciting diet over the next few days but I am hanging in. I worked out today using the Peleton app for strength classes and my barre studio’s online platform for a matte class. I think I am going to stick with Whole30 through my colonoscopy and then reintroduce oats on Friday after my procedure.

Day #30 - 10/5/21 – I made it! Day 30 is here!! All in all, it’s been a pretty easy round for me. I was expecting it to be tougher given my sugar intake going into the round but I slid right back into Whole30 as if I never stopped. I find that when you’ve done multiple rounds, your body pretty quickly remembers the great feelings that come with Whole30 – and adapts. My eating remains simple due to my colonoscopy prep but I am going to stick with Whole30 through my procedure – meaning, I will eat Whole30 tomorrow (Day 31) and then continue with Whole30 compatible fluids (water, black coffee, 100% apple juice, and bone broth) on Day 32, which is my liquid diet day. My procedure is in the morning on Day 33, and I will reintroduce oats that later day. I know I will be looking forward to a big bowl of oatmeal after not eating anything solid for 24+ hours. Next week, I will plan to reintroduce dairy (mainly yogurt), gluten, and sugar and see how I do with those. I haven’t always done a full reintroduction after each round but I want to do those four groups this time around.

It’s been fun sharing this journey with you. I hope you’ve seen that Whole30 does not need to be complicated. Most of my food is simple and doesn’t even require a recipe. I also relied heavily on meals from Cooked and other convenience items. And that is A-OK! I had to work around a medical procedure toward the end of the round that required me to stay away from most vegetables. But I did it! I let good enough be good enough – and that was great by me.

Judith Forman is an Advanced Level Whole30 Certified Coach. For more Whole30 inspiration, connect with her on Instagram @jujuswhole30 or check out her blog at www.everydaywhole.com

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