5 Tips for Anyone Wanting Eating Better

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Some people who join our Cooked family come for convenience.  Others find their way to us because they want to seriously change their eating habits.  While this is great and we are there to help, it can be hard to overhaul old ways and start fresh.  If you are looking to eat better and feel great, here are 5 tips on how to start: 

1. Visualize your new health and wellness routine-- what will your meals look like and how will they make you feel better than you do now?

It helps sometimes to put things in perspective.  While diet changes can seem hard and giving up old habits can seem impossible, it doesn't have to be.  Eating well can fuel your body, give you energy, and allow you to more easily achieve your own goals-- health and life goals too!

Think of what you want your diet to look like-- what are your favorite healthy meals, what can you add to them to make them delicious and hearty?  How can you change your current system in order to make it easy and realistic to eat this way?

2.Start your day off on the right foot. 

Whether it's a smoothie bowl, avocado toast, scrambled eggs, a breakfast burrito, or a protein drink, make sure you eat breakfast and make it a healthy one.  Breakfast really sets the tone for the rest of the day and can help you stay on track each day.  It also kick starts your metabolism and gets you ready to go!

3. Pick a day when you will start!

Still have a freezer full of ice cream but want to get out of your nightly ice cream routine?  Pick a day when this overhaul will start and stick with it.  If that means you have to clean out your cupboards, here's when that needs to be done by. 

4. Give yourself room for transgressions-- while still maintaining a system of accountability. 

It can be hard to be honest with yourself.  What will help you stay on track with your meals and your wellness goals? For some people, grabbing a friend with similar goals in mind and conquering the plan together can make all the difference.  For others, keeping some sort of calendar of successes and slips might keep you in line.  Personally I also enjoy a little reward here and there for what I've done well-- Friday night, indulge in your favorite treat!  Make sure the rewards remain where they should-- on occasion only. 

5. Make a list of why you are doing this.  And check back in with your answers from time to time. 

Do this one right now: why do you want to eat better?  What are you hoping to change in your diet and why?  Having a list of motivations that you can refer to when things get rough can be very helpful and motivating. 

Finally, remember that this is a hard change for most people, that every small act you make in the direction of improvement is a big change.  Be proud of yourself!

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