5 Reasons Why We Love Cooked-- and Why You Will Too!

Posted by Erin Silva Winston on

1. Great food will make you perform your best: whether you are headed out for a bike ride or walking into an office meeting, having healthy meals full of essential vitamins and nutrients will help you perform your best! (photocredit: Chevanon Photography)

2. Farmed, Cooked, and packaged by real people who care.  When it comes to food, a personal touch makes a big difference and having the ability to carefully hand prepare and package each meal matters-- we are a midwestern company that focuses on quality and details. (Chef Jona, seen here, chatting with farmer from TJ's Free Range Poultry in Illinois).

3. We love the seasons and the variety that they bring!  Nothing celebrates food like the natural seasonal availability of produce.  We love working with local farmers to bring you the best of the seasons!  Fresh right now?  Yams, squash, figs, cauliflower, and kale.

4. Flexibilitywe offer flexibility and customization in ordering and in chosing your meals.  We deliver food that is perfectly fresh on Sundays, Mondays, and Wednesdays.  These meals can be stocked in your fridge and heated at your convenience throughout the week!  Furthermore, many of our meals have a variety of options, such as being served as vegetarian, grain free, dairy free, and more!

5. Our meals are created and crafted with close partnership between our nutritionists and chefs.  This ensures that you will get all the great stuff you need, and nothing else.

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