5 Nutrition Tips We Stand Behind At Cooked

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Stick to Health Basics

It's easy to find your head spinning with health and pseudo health information these days.  At Cooked we believe that sticking to nutritional basics will get you far in reaching your health and wellness goals.  Here are 5 of our favorite health pillars to stick by. 


Rock the ABCD's:

That's right, Vitamin's A, B, C, D are all essential to feeling well, stress management, to children's growth, brain development, and more. Make sure you and your family are loading up on foods rich in these vitamins. 

Vitamin A: Squash, Sweet Potatoes, Carrots, Apricots
Vitamin B: Meat, Fish, Dairy, Whole Grains
Vitamin C: Kiwi, Red Pepper, Oranges, Grapefruit
Vitamin D: Sunlight!  In the winter it's often best to supplement, however, sardines, eggs, and salmon are also sources of vitamin D. 

Remember Your Omega-3s
Increased consumption of Omega-3s has been associated with lowered symptoms of ADHD, Depression, Alzheimers, Asthma, and more.  Additionally, Omega-3s are important for our child-friends out there, as they are essential for development of the brain, nervous system, and heart.  Find it: salmon, lake trout, anchovies.

Aim for Low Glycemic
Put simply, items higher in fiber and protein that are less refined are digested slowly--- they do not cause a spike in sugar and insulin the same way their more refined cousins do.  Avoid sugary drinks and refined carbohydrates, replace them with fruit, whole grains, dairy, and beans. 

Kick Trans fats to the Curb.  Limit Sweets. 
Keep sweets as a treat and avoid trans fats completely. While good fats should be eaten regularly and not avoided, transfats are fats that lower your "good" cholesterol and raise you "bad" cholesterol. They are found in some processed foods made with margarine such as cakes, biscuits, crackers, and microwave popcorn. 

Color Me Healthy: Eat Colorful Produce, Legumes, and Whole Grains. 
Not only do colorful fruits and vegetables contains vitamins and minerals that are great for your body (and mind!), they also contain phytochemicals, which are chemicals that contain a variety of antioxidant and disease-preventing properties. 

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