Get Strong Not Skinny This Summer

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With Summer finally on it's way many of us are ready to pull out of the bathing suits and squeeze into our favorite summer outfits.  But this summer it's time to ditch the old goals of getting skinny-- instead focusing on getting strong and fit can help you reach and surpass some of your goals for your health and your body.  Some advantages of setting your sights toward strengthening your body and improving your wellness include: 

1. Increase Your Confidence and Empower Yourself!

As you start focusing on setting workout goals for yourself, you will notice your body gets stronger as workouts get easier and easier.  Knowing you can make yourself better translates into many areas of life and while feeling hungry and tired won't help you achieve your goals at work or at home, this feeling of empowerment will.  You will be training yourself to feel good, attain things that seem to be challenging, keep up with kids at home, and more!

2. Turn Up Your Energy Level

It's important to feed your body well and get enough calories in order to keep your mind focused on your long and short term goals. Focus on foods that are "real foods" regardless of your dietary choices: eliminate processed foods and make each bite something that will fuel you for the day. Furthermore, exercising can increase your endorphins and generally make you feel better and more prepared to tackled what's ahead.  

3. Achieve on Your Long Term Health Goals

Remember that you don't just want to look good (and feel good) now-- you want to look good and feel great down the line too.  Focusing on getting strong will allow you to keep up with life challenges not just today, but in the future too.   

4. Stronger People Metabolize More Calories

Depriving yourself of food isn't the best way to burn calories-- working out and building muscle allows your body to metabolize fat cells and burn more calories.  Burning more calories means more yummy (Cooked!) food, which means more energy, feeling sexy, strong, and ready for the summer. 



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