20 Top Nutrient Dense Foods We Love!

Posted by Erin Silva Winston on

Many health authorities including the US Department of Agriculture believe that the overall quality of your diet can be measured by looking at a few criteria: 

(1) the ratio or macro or micronutrients per calorie eaten

(2) whether an appropriate number of calories is consumed to satisfy the needs of the body 

(3) avoidance of toxic substances such as transfats and refined sugars. 

The first on this list can be referred to as "nutrient density" and has been used to market a variety of food products over the last decade (cereals that claim "with Omega-3!, etc).  Our favorite list of truly nutrient-dense foods, is: 

1. Seaweed

2. Chicken Liver

3. Kale

4. Carrots and Parsnip 

5. Acai Berries

6. Goji Berries

7. Broccoli 

8. Red Pepper

9. Beets

10. Salmon

11. Eggs

12. Lentils

13. Seeds: pumpkin, sunflower, chia, etc.

14. Grass Fed Beef

15. Sweet Potatoes

16. Black Beans

17. Wild Rice

18. Artichoke 

19. Pumpkin

20. Raw Cheese or Kefir


All photos courtesy of adobe stock and pexels. 


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